Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Are You Going To Be?!?!

I make imperfect decisions all the time.  Yep, it's true!  Despite decades of education, training, experience, and a ton of spiritual disciplines along the way, of the dozens of decisions I make each week, looking back I would tweak or change many of them!

Sometimes I pull triggers too quickly and sometimes I wait way too long.  Sometime I make decisions without talking to enough key people and other times I blather on with way too many individuals for far too long.  Sometime I don't have enough information and other times I have excessive intel, and the decision is still no easier!

My point here is that decisions and action are never easy and for everyone, we can either let that difficulty paralyze us, or we can do our best with what we have and live with the outcome.  What makes this every more tricky to navigate is one other factor...

 There are people who hide behind their keyboards and computer screens pointing out every flaw they see!  A bad decision, imperfect action, suspect theology...they are watching!  Of course, though most of us don't have the time, it is hard to catch these folks doing anything wrong themselves, primarily because they don't do anything...other than backseat drive and nitpick those who are in the game!

Then there are those who are out there, exposed, and trying to leave their positive fingerprints all over this planet for Jesus!  They take tons of friendly fire as well as other shots, but they continue to give their lives for the cause God has called them too!

As I think about these two groups and types of people (of which I am sure I have been both at times), I find a growing distain for the first and a growing appreciation for the second.  It is easy to do nothing and poke holes in everyone else.  It is hard to risk something, knowing that there are going to be enough mistakes along the way that will provide ample fodder for those who are watching for any little crack to shine their light on!

For me, I want to be the kind of person who risks big for Jesus.  I also want to join hands and hearts with others who are willing to do the same.  When it is all said and done, we may have taken fire from the front and from behind, but I just can't see the other option as something that does much of any good for God.

Anyone with me?!?!


Kathy said...

Good timing for me to read~ I've been thinking about this topic even earlier today. I currently come from the perspective of the paralyzed one behind the computer, but I agreed with all you said.

Michael Wilkinson said...

I'm with you brother. Some of these situations are opportunities to minister as we justify our position. Persistence in our actions is the key because eventually both patterns of behavior will be evident and truth will surface...and as we know...truth eventually prevails.

Rob Paterson said...

Thanks for the comments Kathy & Mike! I totally feel the pressure that causes paralysis and also the necessity of persisting! Mainly it just give me joy to interact with people that I love!